4 responses to “Watch: Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Kobe Bryant & More Salute John Williams”

  1. Thank you for making my life a magical one! I salute the absolutely incredible director George Lucas along with the help of John William’s phenomenal music, it has planted such a beautiful seed within me. Everytime i see and hear the magic of Star Wars, it fulfills me with wonder and imagination beyond what anyone could ever ask for! Thank you John Williams. You inspire me everyday and turn my life into a beautiful fantasy that i will treasure for the rest of my life.

  2. Mr. John Williams, before being a great composer, you are a great man.
    You worked with great talented filmmakers, like Lucas and Spielberg (among others), because they discovered your geniality before everybody. They trust in you because they understood that their films would be greater with your music. They left you work and explore: God bless them because understand the value of great artist like you is also a “symptom” of genius. You didn’t do just music score, your WORK was not only a complement. Your music inspired people everywhere in the world because Spielberg and Lucas did spectacular films, but with your music the dreams that they told becomes true and enters deep in the bottom from hearts. Thank you mister John Williams: your music represent for me inspiration for the life. When I’m sad, I listen your music scoring, and I’m feeling much more better. Big hug to you. Greetings from Switzerland.

  3. Ever since I was a little kid in the 80’s, before I cared what went on behind the scenes of a movie, or knew who John Williams was, I thrilled to the themes of the Star Wars Trilogy, Superman, and Indiana Jones. The music played in my head, I hummed them at the most random times, not even realizing they were all related, that they all came from one man. Mr. Williams is a true genius! If I could have one wish, it’d be to have John write me my own heroic theme song, lol. Thank you for adding your magic to the movies we love!

  4. The movies that Mr. Williams has done the scores for, are all my favorites! Without his music , there is no movie! And without music, life would be a mistake (Nietzsche).

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