2 responses to “The AFI DOCS Interview: SOLITARY Director Kristi Jacobson”

  1. After watching your film Inside Red Onion State. Excellent film for starters. Really brings to life what happens when you do the unforgiven. I know there’s those that we can’t change or help, but if anyone thinks that they can segregate a person for years and then expect to release that individual back into the real world. Is crazier than the craziest individual. The Mental Health Supervisor in that prison in my opinion is a nut himself. He sits there and says he really hasn’t been in the system long enough to determine whether segregation has an effect on there mental health. And he’s their Supervisor?? Anyone with a brain can see it definitely has a huge effect on ones mental status. Also the Warden I really feel he has a bad taste in his mouth towards the prisoners. Yes his main concern is his officers and the public, I agree. But if he doesn’t change or willing to change any policy’s then his prisoners will always be the same or worse. Just making the windows where they could see the trees and mountains would probably make huge improvements. And when a person of authority is talking to a inmate, at least pretend to understand or care. Cause you can tell when talking to one whether they give a crap on what your saying. If you treat a person like an animal then you’ll get animal responses The young black man you interviewed is smarter than most of the personal you interviewed. Maybe listen to what they are saying and just maybe that prison will learn something on top of that make there prison inmates better and also makes the officers safer. This is just my opinion, maybe I don’t know anything. But I really enjoyed your program. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

  2. This was a very in depth film that showed not only the frontal view of the inmates, but rather their insides and the reevaluations that they thought about. When discussing the prison complex there is always the inmates and the workers, how which side has it worse. The workers put up with it, but they get a release from it, the inmates don’t. We see the impact that seg has on the inmates and it makes us wonder. We all know its hard to forgive them, but they’re human. All the wrong they did can’t be forgiven by most. It takes such emotional strength to look past their flaws and see them for them and what potentially caused them to do these things. We often get caught up with calling them monsters and evil, although the things they did were exactly that, sometimes we can’t let peoples actions define them. A concept so hard to grasp. All their intentions and actions stem from somewhere. Upbringing, environment, family, all these factors contribute to these things. In the end, we need documents like this to not only showcase the prison but the impact it has. Change is obtainable if you allow yourself to be free.

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