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  1. The reason I didn’t join the afi this year is that last year I was a member and went to see the films on Saturday. But I found no information about the discussion between Michael Keaton and Ed Norton, and I didn’t even know I could get a special pass to get in the front of the lines. Which I don’t think was really true. Or of the special area in the hotel nearby where I could sit and have water and relax. Very disappointing. And this year once again I can find no information about what special things are taking place. I called the afi and left message a couple of times, and no one ever called me back. So you keep bugging me via email to join again, but no one ever contacts me by phone.

    • I have been a member of AFI for almost 20 years and a volunteer for the AFI Fest for 14 years. In that time I’ve seen it scale down to become lean and precise. There is a lot going on and the organizers do their best to communicate any changes to the crew in the box office. I would recommend checking in there as regularly as you can to keep current. The organizers are constantly bringing new opportunities to the festival and the box office crew is the best at keeping up with and communicating those changes. Putting on an event of this scope is extremely demanding and everyone is working overtime right now, so don’t be discouraged if your phone calls haven’t been answered. The information about this years festival should be available within the next week. Check out the website http://www.afi.com/afifest/ and sign up for the newsletter which will provide updates right to your email inbox. It does take a little work to get the most out of the festival. But in my experience, the ability to attend and participate in one of the most prestigious international film festivals for free in our own backyard is well worth the effort. Don’t give up.

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