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  1. Another disappointing year….I thought sure Woody Harrelson would win for either LBJ or The Glass Castle…and that beautiful movie “Goodbye Christopher Robin” that had us in tears…not a mention…as for the TV programs…never saw most of them since we don’t pay extra for HBO or others that require subscription.

    • What do you mean Woody Harrelson? These awards recognize films and TV programs…not actors. Not sure what you’re referring to here. And if you don’t pay for premium channels, then I guess you can’t really comment on the TV selections (it’s okay if you don’t; I don’t either, but I realize coming in I won’t be familiar with all of these shows).

    • I personally found The Glass Castel to just be misery porn, and I love Brie Larson, Naomi Watts, Woody Harrelson! And Goodbye Christopher Robin was a little sappy in parts, so I never was fully invested in the story. So I completely agree those omission.

    • Yeah… it’s bad how they think that network TV is now garbage, when they were the ones that started it all. Free TV still has some good programming….. and… I may be wrong, but I think AFI only honors American Films. So “Christopher Robbin” being British didn’t stand a chance.

  2. The forgotten movie here is CLAUDIE, with two remarkable performances in an under-distributed movie made in Canada.

  3. Dunkirk!!! I loved Get Out but after watching Dunkirk for the umteenth time, for the last time in real Imax at the Washington DC Smithsonian Air and Space museum, I’m once again consistently reminded of how brilliantly crafted to perfection Christopher Nolan films are, especially Dunkirk where he took the basic Oscar Winning WW II War Film formula (American Biggest battle, like D Day and invest heavily on a platoon with loveable characters who break your heart but learn in the end…Saving Private Ryan) and flipped the script on how it’s done technically, story telling wise, characters, and arching theme of War just being War with the small acts of heroism in each character, not to mention his amazing time concept for the film. Hands Down, as always, Nolan made the best film of the year in Dunkirk.

  4. This is up close one of the most defective lists that the American film institute has had, some opinions lead me to the serious idea that it has been a strong year for movies where we have not stopped receiving a surprise, beyond the scandals of Hollywood, the only box from which all the American cinematography comes out, we have witnessed some of the great idols and expressed in disgrace before the evidence of crimes committed in the past, however some opinions lead me to formulate a common criticism that tells me that if Well the year has not yet finished and not all the films have been released but for an impulse the specialized criticism makes its choices in the first days of December and not early January when everything that must be seen in the cinema has already passed , the criticism is being sold to the pronositicos of oscar at the beginning of the year and I suspect that the institute is being formed of the same rule, a personal happiness is l to inclusion of more independent films, not for a question of inclusion of minorities because I am tough to the union of the correction of absurd politics with the intrusion into art. For me the art about the whole policy passes. But of course, I am still tough at the completion of the list until the year ends and I have not seen until the last of the films, even those that are exclusive in the cities, even though it does not take into account the rules that are used in this contest. AFI demonstrates its incompetence in its election like many magazine editors. Even so I wonder that some movies were forgotten as Blade Runner 2049 with an unrepeatable audiovisual beauty and considered at one time one of the best sequels that is at least in the technical sense better than the original and is present in the AFI 100, as well as Other films that I could quote are Logan, Stanlin’s death, Mother! However, there was a great suffering in the case of Blade Runner can not stand the fact of becoming a film too long, boring and criticism of course material misogamy to which he had to defend, few already talk about it after reasonable initial vision, the box office did not go well and before the feminists is not an example of a kind of morality has returned in a different way and is censoring the big movies, while Mother! I do not notice in many the help of being the new Mulholland Drive, which received negative criticisms until someone comes to retrieve it from where the masterpiece will return it and Logan a great movie of superheroes since the dark knight was eclipsed by the success of the Wonder Woman that is the most imperfect of the list of films but nevertheless is the most disfutable, and a miracle that a list takes into account the best sold, this film really works with its imperfections and knows what you want to tell , its imperfection will not be notorious but its attributes will stand out, and no, I do not think it is because it is the best DC movie since the last one led by Nolan the choice for which he is here, both are similar in something two symphonies of gods , one that is born for men and another that dies among the gods. As for the series, I’m not the only one who thinks that Game of Thrones should not be on this list for the first time, but neither the WGA nor the Critic Choice Award have noticed that we expect the Emmy and the gold balloons to have better capacity because then of his last two bad episodes, the narrative incoherence and the little chemistry of the new pair, the truth is that they exaggerated like Feud the other fail that can not pass of caricature next to the previous work of the writer on OJ that if it was a masterpiece, frankly Twin Peaks: The Return, The Leftovers (HBO), The Deuce and Bojack Horseman are better shows to many of those present on the list. By the way, it will not be time to make another AFI 100 movies, the years have already passed and there to renew a little, no, Boyhood and Mulholland Drive must appear apart from maybe an AFI Top 100 tv show.

    • Darkest Hour is a British produced film so would not be considered. Dunkirk was eligible because it was co-produced by Warner Brothers.

  5. I thought WIND RIVER should deserve recognition. THE FLORIDA PROJECT was good but not deserving of its ranking on your list.

  6. Good list this year, overall, but I’m disappointed “Logan” didn’t make the cut. “Logan” is still my favorite film, so far, of 2017. I’m also surprised “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” didn’t make the cut. Although, it would be really understandable since it’s JUST coming out on Friday the 15th and Lucasfilm/Disney are very secretive with screenings even for professional critics such as AFI! At least “The Force Awakens” made the 2015 list!

  7. Yes! Insecure and Wonder Woman are amazing! Game of Thrones and This is Us are great! I have to watch Stranger Things~ I cannot wait to see the Awards show!

  8. “Wonder Woman” is a good film, but I think both “Wind River” and “Baby Driver” are better, more inventive, films.

  9. I am not surprised to see Wonder Woman in the finest list. Most movies that shows origin of a character proves to be the best in the series. Wonder Woman is also among them, I love the screenplay.

    Dunkirk is deserving, but there should be Darkest Hour too.

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