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  1. How is it that “Mad Max:Fury Road” has been classified as American. It has just won the AACTA Award, the premier film award in Australia, as their best Australian film of the year. The only significant American creative or production values I can see is Warner Bros financing the film. Providing the money does not make it American. The whole Mad Max series of films have always been regarded as indisputably from the creative and film culture in Australia.

    • By award standards, the home country of the financing/production determines the origin of the film. It is widely acknowledged as an American/Australian co-production, despite its undoubtedly Australian roots.

      • These awards in particular and the AFI in general are there to recognize and preserve American culture and creative excellence, not just who in the cinematic world has the financial clout. As a hypothetical, if “Bridge of Spies” was financed by European money would it then follow that it would be classified as a European film. It wouldn’t and it shouldn’t as it’s origins and creative proponents are distinctly American.

    • I think it’s because it was released in the US? But that wouldn’t explain why The King’s Speech wasn’t included because it was a British-produced film.

  2. Having just experienced “The Revenant”, I am surprised and disappointed it is not on this list–
    It is a piece of tour de force filmmaking unlike anything in decades—a masterpiece.

  3. I don’t watch “Hannibal” so can’t comment on its omission, but I’m thrilled that “black-ish” is on the TV list. Its combination of social commentary and being flat-out funny is refreshing!

    • The jurors for AFI Awards are given the opportunity to view all the films in advance of their release date through private screenings. This year’s announcement was even pushed out to accommodate STAR WARS so that the jurors could vote on it after viewing it.

  4. The farewell of MAD MEN has been very tough to take…have been an ARDENT fan since the beginning because we’ve never quite — on the TV landscape — witnessed an odyssey such as the one Don Draper (as portrayed by the enigmatic and elegant Jon Hamm) took us through with his complicated character. Delighted AFI has decided to confer its SPECIAL AWARD on this show which sh/could have proceeded for another decade. Why can’t THESE awards presentation be televised? As AFI’s Jury Selected Movie List…while I totally agree with ROOM, SPOTLIGHT (and probably THE BIG SHORT), Why weren’t TRUMBO, THE DANISH GIRL and especially JOY featured on this list??? AFI should try to ensure — if it wants to draw in more dues paying members for contributions and etc — that more of its ceremonies are booked as a television outing for those of us who are craft and film driven and follow the discussion threads from your organization and all the other craft — not tabloid and celebrity-driven — shows on the subject. How short-sighted is that?? Ariana Fulginiti

  5. Though I agree that Hannibal is a great series, I’m not quite sure it deserves to be in the Top 10, especially after this last season. It decided to go full art-house, which I think made it lacking in other areas. Still hope Netflix or someone else will pick it up.

  6. I expected Steve Jobs. Some knocked it for not making a great deal of money but neither are two other nominated films–it’s not about the money. It’s about the quality of the acting and Fassbender and Winslett and others were exceptional.

  7. The omission of Tarentino’s “The Hateful Eight” is inexplicable, rendering the other nominees somewhat less valid. Politics obviously.

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