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      • You’re right, it’s not ‘very good’, it’s great. Black Panther is on the list. Sorry not to be so PC. I’ll take Infinity War over lukewarm Green Book, way like, over-(like)rated, like, Eighth Grade. It’s, like, totally, not that good. Or Mary friggin’ Poppins. Sorry To Bother You is much better than those three, as is Annihilation, The Endless, and Private Life.

      • It’s better than Green Book. Of course most movies are better than that sanitized extremely dated (in focus and style and approach to racism, not talking about when the story took place) film. It may be unfair, but I automatically assume a person is deep down a racist if they think Green Book was great.

        • Also, l did love A:IW. There are just other movies I’d put before it.
          A better substition for Green Book would be The Hate U Give or Blindspotting if you have a quota and/or maximum for movies that discuss racism, both are much better than Blackkklansman as well, though it’s main failing is Washington’s acting. (Also loved Sorry to Bother You, but it is a bit crazy.)

      • Infinity war is obviously not the kind of movie they would award. It’s a simple summer action blockbuster with not much depth, not saying it’s a bad film, I enjoyed it it’s just not for the afi.

  1. What about THE ALIENIST 10 hour TV show? Beautifully produced, New York City, 1896! And Kenneth Branagh’s wonderful, new Shakespeare movie?

  2. A Star is Born!?! What? Ok, if you’ve seen any of the last 3 incarnations of that film, then you’ve seen this most recent one. AND I have not seen any of those 3 and I have seen this film. Left after the first hour. Boring and formulaic.

  3. I’m am always amazed at people’s comments when an institution makes the choices they make in feature films or television. And to be honest some of the comments are just downright unimaginative! Meaning they are not using the front part of their brains.

    • Yes!! A STAR IS BORN!
      One of the best movie.
      Congratulation, Bradley Cooper! He did that! He did all the things. Directing, acting, writing, singing. Wow~

  4. I am in Australia , so it is impossible to have seen all of these films as yet. I am disappointed “Beautiful Boy”did not make the list, this film seems to have been very badly handled in the way it was released. I am at a loss as to why “A Star is Born” is there–without doubt the most over rated film of the last few years, it is the weakest of all the “Star is Born”movies, even the weak Streisand version.

  5. Great to see Green Book here – a film anyone in my family could see and after seeing could have a healthy discussion about film or about history or about race to name a few. Beautifully balanced film.

    • Films about segregation shouldn’t be balanced. Both sides aren’t good or did you agree with Trump re: Charlottesville? Green Book is garbage.

      • You’re engaging in a one-person campaign against “Green Book” and the people who liked it more than you did. I’m pretty sure the person who said it was “balanced” was not meaning it was balanced in its treatment of segregation. Because obviously it wasn’t, and you know it wasn’t. And why would anyone make a film that was?

  6. As usual the Gods who gather at the AFI water cooler have already decided the remaining month of 2018 will produce no films worthy of consideration. These are the same minds who most likely thought December 31, 1999 marked the end of the 20th century.

  7. Star is Born… overrated! First half was great then it descended into a VH1 Behind the Music episode. VICE should be in its place. On the tv side POSE…love that this is here. Amazing show!!!

    THE FAVOURITE Gotta see it
    FIRST REFORMED Handsome Hawke’s return to form
    GREEN BOOK My 1st Pick For Best Picture
    IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK Definitely Gotta see it
    A STAR IS BORN Meh ok Great Gaga Performance and Bradley first outing as a director.

  9. I am convinced that awards for the best in film or TV should NOT be issued the year that these movies or shows are aired. I’d say that at least 5 years will give the proper perspective. To do it the same year is all about publicity. Think about it. Of course, AFI would have to get out of the movie/Tv promotion business and into the movie/TV preservation business – oh, wait, wait, it already is in that business.

  10. The best show is Ray Donovan much overlooked

    You have to be kidding with Succession. It was
    an overlong bore with awful people

  11. Thank you for choosing This Is Us. It’s an amazing show and I pray it runs for many years. Good entertainment without graphic scenes and violence.

  12. Congrats to The Krunts! (Emily Blunt & John Krasinski) I never thought I could ever love a horror film, and yet A Quiet Place left me speechless. John did a fantastic job by directing and co-writing the story. Also, Emily was superb on the film. Her acting was incredible. I can’t wait to see her on Mary Poppins Returns.

  13. I agree with the comments about A Star Is Born.
    I too nearly left after an hour of one of the slowest films I’ve seen. There was no need to do this film again and everything was unremarkable about this version.

  14. It’s great to see some certain nominees, but A Star Is Born? A Quiet Place? Is that the best that they could freakin’ do? First Man, Blindspotting, Isle of Dogs, Sorry to Bother You and Mission: Impossible – Fallout were way better than both of those movies.

  15. What a shame for AFI! There are so many bad films in this list. For example, Black Panther, Mary Poppins and Star is Born it’s a phony! Unfortunately, mediocrity wins over common sense, true art and situation only gets worse every year…

  16. I have not seen any of the Star is Born movies. I’ve heard some talk about the lasted but not the kind or amount that would qualify it for selection to the AFI list of or any other list of.

  17. Yes!! A STAR IS BORN!
    One of the best movie.
    Congratulation, Bradley Cooper! He did that! He did all the things. Directing, acting, writing, singing. Wow~

  18. Could you explain why “Roma” is outside of your rules to be included in the list?
    BTW..A good list in a very good year.

  19. Why do people bring up obscure films or Tv shows that they think should have been nominated? Some of the ones mentioned here are very flat and one dimensional and just because some couch potato likes it it should qualify for AFI Recognition????? PLEASE!

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