2 responses to “Announcing AFI DOCS 2019 Award Winners”

  1. Why is a 361 minute series considered a “feature film” and in competition with the other feature film-length documentaries shown at AFIDocs? As a full-pass holder and dedicated AFIDocs attendee for the last 15 years, I honestly don’t understand how the special screening of the Chasing The Moon series qualifies for the audience award. Please explain. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this year’s AFI DOCS; looking forward to more docs next year. Unfortunately, they do not receive the wide circulation in the cinema they deserve. I remember the days of my youth when one saw newsreels, a cartoon, and a feature film. I really can’t recall if there was a second film but don’t think so. This was not the first run of the film in downtown Manhattan, but it was what the local RKO or Loews cinema (I think the second local cinema was called the Loews) would screen. I do wish that our local cinema would consider screening a documentary along with a feature film. Perhaps you can pass that along to the corporate office of the E Street and Bethesda Row cinema company. The documentaries I saw b(oth at the festival and prior to it (I was fortunate to be invited) were absolutely terrific – some were better than some feature films I saw during the year!

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