13 responses to “And the Honorees are…”

  1. BIRDMAN was outstanding. Pure magic realism on film. I think it would’ve been Borges’ favorite movie. And INTERSTELLAR’s use of actual algorithms to recreate what a black hole might look like was mind-blowing. Both extremely deserving of this honor.

  2. I still need to see six of these, but, of the eleven chosen that I have seen…I am certainly in agreement with most of the choices. Boyhood was a perfect film…just brilliant in every conceivable way. Interstellar was also a fantastic ride and amazing acheivement. Whiplash was excellent, I’m so happy that J.K. Simmons is finally getting his due. But, I think Birdman was pretentious nonsense. I need to see the other couple before I can speak to those….eagerly awaiting Unbroken-book was incredible.
    As for your television selections, I have to ask where is Veep, Good Wife, or Girls? What do you got against the ladies AFI? And not including The Leftovers or True Detective is unforgivable. I was happy to see The Knick make the cut.