3 responses to “American Film Institute Kicks Off 50th Anniversary at AFI Conservatory 2017 Commencement”

  1. I was wondering will there be a 50th anniversary AFI’s 100 years 100 special coming in between 2017 and 2019? Or more of the 100 greatest countdowns? I love those and enjoy discover new and old favorite movies thanks for making those previous lists.

  2. Or would it ever be possible to buy any of the Lifetime Achievement awards and all of the AFI 100 years series on DVD some day. I would buy them all in a minute. Hopefully someday we can buy all these wonderful specials si we can enjoy them for years to come! Thanks for your time and reading this!

  3. We have 6 Lifetime Achievement awards on Laser Disk and 2 more on VHS. Trying to find more, but difficult. Having them on DVD would be wonderful.

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