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  1. Thank you Mr. Rezendes for your incredible investigative journalism and your important contemporary observations: “…the work of the commission has proceeded slowly and it’s now apparent that there are other factions within the Vatican seeking to undermine its work.” It is incredulous how numerous the regressive and indefensible self-protective steps that have occurred since this film’s release. For example, of the two survivors of clergy sexual abuse appointed by Pope Francis to the seventeen member Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, one was blindsided and asked not to continue his participation at the mere third meeting of this group and the other has clearly expressed frustration at the groups slow pace and minimal impact. The Commission to examine various Bishops’ mishandling of sexual abuse by clergy has not been established despite the Pontiff’s promise some long time ago. The Vatican’s latest training course and manual by Monsignor Tony Anatrella for new Bishops emphasized that while the Bishops should be aware of local laws, they were not obligated to report child sexual abuse. Their only obligation, once again, was to themselves; to address allegations “internally.”
    I applaud your work but am much less optimistic as to the film “putting pressure on the Vatican to finally come to grips with this issue and take action.” You are correct; they are taking action. It is just more deflective, defensive, immoral, unethical, ungodly, self-protective, insular actions they are mostly evincing with some smoke and mirrors to keep the naïve faithful and the abuse of power solidly nailed down.
    I do hope the film wins additional awards, including Best Picture. It is thoroughly remarkable, through and through. I hope that many more continue on the journey of reporting on the topics of sexual abuse by clergy, within insular institutions, etc. We still have a long road ahead toward accountability and justice for all.

  2. As a survivor of being raped by three RCC priests at St Thomas More parish in Durham NH when I was 15 and now, as a strong survivor and blogger and speaker about this evil? I can say, with no compunction, that these pedo priests are STILL raping children and their leaders are STILL covering up and protecting them.

    South America is their new stomping ground. We know there are dozens of pedo priests down there, raping children and being protected.

    “Pope” Frankie also LIED when he said he was going to hold all the Pedophile Pimp Cardinals, Bishops and Archbishops accountable. He has NOT tried any of them, let alone defrocked them.

    He also protected Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski. He KNEW that when he brought this pedo Archbishop to the Vatican under the pretense he was going to prosecute him, that was a LIE. He did not even put this criminal in a jail cell, but gave him his freedom, where he continued to not only rape children, but also was found with over 100,000 child porn images and child porn videos on his computer.

    The Dominican Republic wanted Wesolowski and pleaded for his return. The UN Committee Against Torture told Pope Francis to return him to the DR. Nope. After almost two years of pressure? Pope Francis finally said he was going to hold his trial and interesting that a couple of days later? Wesolowski was found dead in his room.

    It is truly time, for our US Attorney General, the Attorney General counterparts in ALL countries, and the United Nations to step in and do what is right. To arrest and prosecute each and every credibly accused Pedophile Pimp Pope, Cardinal, Bishop and Archbishop. The Pope and the Vatican sure will not.

    Time for true justice for us survivors and victims. Time too for this cult to stop hiding and using the statute of limitations against us and getting our cases dismissed and for them to stop hiding behind the sovereign immunity laws.

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