4 responses to “AFI FEST 2017 Announces Award Winners”

  1. I missed much of AFI Fest due to family commitments out of town. But when I returned, the last two days were waiting for me in deeply satisfying fashion. I saw Li Ruijun’s searing Walking Past the Future from China and Hong Sang-soo’s slyly acerbic The Day After from South Korea. Back in America, but seen through Italian eyes, was Paolo Virzi’s funny/sweet/bitter The Leisure Seeker, showcasing the incomparable Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland.

    This is what AFI Fest is about: movies that are both micro observations of characters and their relationships and macro vistas of places and times as they unfold and evolve. Infinitesimal specks of sand flying in the vast desert. This is what I love about AFI Fest. And I love the sponsors; in particular, Audi’s ongoing commitment to great cinema. And the volunteers and the programmers.

    I am already counting the months down until next November and AFI Fest 2018. I can’t wait, and I promise not to go away next time.

  2. I think you had excellent line-up of great and entertaining movies for everyone’s taste, as always! Can’t wait to see what you have for 2018!

  3. The festival was amazing, from Robert Altman’s – the player and MASH, to Sammy Davis film and jim, Andy and beyond to James Franco’s Disaster artist,and Aaron sorkin’s Molly’s Game with Jessica Chastain – incredible ! Reaffirmed why I’m going to school to work toward my goal of breaking new ground as these well accomplished people just have ! !

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